C.E.O. Cube Metting rund

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The pure shape, the blend of materials, the solid, technically-advanced structure, the soul of Poltrona Frau. Microarchitecture rather than simple furnishing, able to divide and populate the space of the most qualified workplaces. The CEO Cube series comp

rises meeting tables, managerial desks, storage units and an open bookcase. The clear-cut geometric design blends with the materials, from the noble Frau leather, to the wood and aluminium alloys. The Meeting Table is available with a square, round, recta

ngular or oval top, all with large cylindrical, lightly padded and leather-upholstered metal legs. The top is upholstered in lightly padded Pelle Frau® leather, and supported by a wood fibre panel below, in a textured black finish. The compartment and hol

low legs have been specifically designed to accommodate cabling.

Höhe 750 mm
Durchmesser 1500 mm / 1800 mm
Tischausführung Vierbeintisch
Form Tischplatte oval
Funktionen ausziehbar
Material Leder (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Schwarz
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Poltrona Frau, Italien

Lella & Massimo Vignelli