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BEAUTIFUL WOMEN by MARCEL WANDERS signals the return of a type of furniture that has all but disappeared. The dressing table consists of a mirror with a richly decorated frame and a glass shelf, a small dresser, in two variations, and a storage stool. The

sober dresser features a sunken top and cast brass handles in the shape of an apple and a snake, a reference to the first woman. The more baroque cabinet features a spherical, massive wooden foot on which a top has been fitted.
The stool, with its g

raphic design and round forms, refers to the 1960s. The series is a post-modern ensemble intended as a tribute to womankind. Quote by the designer about Beautiful Women: "Luxury is to live an exciting passionate life in comfort and commitment, to fee

l you are special and make a difference while achieving personal growth, to contribute to the greater good and feel you share love".
"Luxury starts where functionality ends and where the true value is personal and so has no price or reason

Marcel Wanders, Designer

Breite 700 mm
Höhe 590 mm
Tiefe 400 mm
Schrank­front­ausführung mit Schubfächern
Tischausführung Säulentisch
Form Tischplatte rechteckig
Material Esche
Farben Schwarz
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Quodes, Niederlande

Marcel Wanders