Ice Pendant

Stylepark-ID: 04.4738.00004
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenPendelleuchten

The Ice Pendant is an elegant pendant in hand-blown glass and matching anodised aluminium. The simple Scandinavian design and the high quality materials make the Ice Pendant a modern classic pendant. The Ice Pendant is ideal for areas where a simple yet

exclusive expression is wanted. The Ice Pendants are suitable over a table or a counter or in other formations with the required numbers of pendants. The pendants can also be used with success as complementary lighting to the Ice Chandelier. The Ice

Pendant is available with two pendants per box, including two small white canopies.

Stand/Befestigung mit Pendelabhängung
Form Diffusor/Reflektor kugelförmig
Prüfzeichen/Zertifikation CE
Leuchten­kopf­durch­messer 140 mm
Pendellänge 3000 mm
Material Glas (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Schwarz
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