Stylepark-ID: 04.4738.00011
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenPendelleuchten

Nox is an elegant fibre optic pendant. Nox is in a discrete black laquered design at the top, but with the surprising element of a spread of fibres coming out under the lamp's top forming the Fibonacci pattern. The fibre lamp is ideal for lighting up s

urfaces such as dinner tables, desks, meeting tables, bars etc., as it both includes the light from the fibres and the downlight in the middle. Nox is ideal for people who search for simple design lighting with a sparkling ambiance but with the extra

twist of high-technology usage.

Stand/Befestigung mit Pendelabhängung
Prüfzeichen/Zertifikation CE
Leuchtenkopfhöhe 110 mm
Leuchten­kopf­durch­messer 650 mm
Pendellänge 2500 mm
Material Aluminium