Vorgestellt:Cersaie 2012, Bologna
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Roca launches In-Flow, a new bathtub that stands out for its great comfort and its sustainability. Aligned with Roca’s compromises on people’s wellbeing and environment respect, Roca has developed this new wellness experience that facilitates water saving

. This is due to its ergonomic form that, with only 75 liters of water, allows the body to be covered quickly. The quantity of water needed is far from what regular bathtubs need.

In-Flow has generous dimensions that make bathing an experience of w

ellbeing and comfort. It incorporates a new concept of hydromassage, with lateral waterfalls which allows enjoying a surrounding sensation, ideal to unwind from the day to day. In addition, fills in only three minutes.

Its ergonomic design allows a

bath relaxed position. It also incorporates an adjustable headrest that perfectly adapts to user’s characteristics to ensure maximum comfort. In-Flow offers maximum relaxation through lateral grooves that flow water as a cascade and soft bubbles produced

by jets in the background.

In-Flow incorporates integrated faucets and a seat, which facilitates the entry and exit, and can be also used as a shelf to put towels or other bathroom utensils. Faucets are also pop-up, hidden until the button is pres

sed to leave, giving the bath a clean and pure design. It also has a remote control with touch screen that allows the user to decide the settings he likes.


Roca, Deutschland

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