Meridian In-Tank

Vorgestellt:Cersaie 2012, Bologna
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In-Tank is the latest addition to Roca’s new product range; a water-closet which is set to revolutionise the bathroom space. It’s the first system on the market to incorporate the cistern inside the water-closet, thus saving space. Furthermore, it is desi

gned to be installed in a very easy way.

As part of Roca’s quest to innovate, the water-closet has been devised using a unique technology which not only incorporates the cistern inside the water-closet, but also stands out for its design, its reduc

ed water consumption and for its noise-free flush system. This is another example of Roca’s commitment to enhancing people’s wellbeing and to its constant improvement of the bathroom space.

The In-Tank design doesn’t require wall installation becau

se the tank is already incorporated inside the product. The cistern activation buttons are located on the water-closet itself. Furthermore, In-Tank features SOFTAIR technology which comprises an air injection system in the cistern to optimise water flow.

This technology has been developed in conjunction with Fluidmaster™.

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