Afternoon Couchtisch

Afternoon Couchtisch
Vorgestellt: Salone del Mobile 2013, Mailand
Stylepark-ID: 05.1413.00083
Kategorien: WohnmöbelTischeCouchtische

Afternoon Wood is a new addition to the successful Afternoon/Noon collection. Today it has become something of a Skandiform classic. Over the years many people have asked us and Skandiform if it would be possible to design a variation on the theme with wo

oden legs. Well, now we have done! We have looked carefully at the proportions of the original seat shell and worked hard to find a solution that produces suitably harmonious dimensions for the legs. We have also chosen to visually “separate” the legs fro

m the seat shell to give the chair a lighter look. And, while we were at it, we took the opportunity to design a new coffee table to match, as well!

Länge 660 mm
Breite 660 mm
Höhe 390 mm
Tischausführung Vierbeintisch
Form Tischplatte rund
Material Eiche
Farben Schwarz
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Skandiform, Schweden