Beat Stout

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Made from hand beaten brass using traditional, rapidly vanishing skills from Indian master craftsmen, the Beat Collection consists of four different versions of pendant lights and three floor vessels made from smooth unpolished brass. The water carrying v

essels that are still carried on heads all over India provided the first inspiration for this series of pendant lights. The beaten brass ages creating a patina black external surface in contrast to the warm golden interior. Available in four different siz

es, Wide, Fat, Tall and a larger version Stout, the Beat Light can be used in many different conf igurations, as a group or a stand alone design. The Beat collection also includes three Beat Vessels, Slim, Drop and Top. These big, bold, expressive floor v

ases are made from pure unpolished brass using an external satin finish.

Höhe 500 mm
Durchmesser 520 mm
Pendellänge 2500 mm
Material Messing
Polycarbonat (PC)
Farben Schwarz
Gold / Messing
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Tom Dixon, Vereinigtes Königreich

Tom Dixon