Beat Vessels

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Made from hand beaten brass using traditional, rapidly vanishing skills from Indian master craftsmen, the Beat Collection consists of four different versions of pendant lights and three f loor vessels made from smooth unpolished brass. The water carrying

vessels that are still carried on heads all over India provided the f irst inspiration for this series of pendant lights. The beaten brass ages creating a patina black external surface in contrast to the warm golden interior. Available in four different

sizes, Wide, Fat, Tall and a larger version Stout, the Beat Light can be used in many different conf igurations, as a group or a stand alone design. The Beat collection also includes three Beat Vessels, Slim, Drop and Top. These big, bold, expressive f l

oor vases are made from pure unpolished brass using an external satin finish.

Höhe950 mm / 750 mm / 1100 mm
Durchmesser550 mm / 450 mm / 250 mm
FarbenGold / Messing
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Tom Dixon, Vereinigtes Königreich

Tom Dixon