Product description

Lariana is a bathroom product family consisting of a bathtub and washbasins designed by Patricia Urquiola. Its name pays heartfelt tribute to Lake Como, which, back in the olden days, used to be called Larius, where the “Il Sereno” five-star hotel, also by Patricia Urquiola, recently opened its doors to the public. The first “member” of this family, the Lariana bathtub, was designed for the bathrooms of this hotel. The bathtub’s alternating combination of smooth flowing and straight lines shaping its compact structure calls to mind the the great masters of early 20th century milanese architecture. Both designs maintain the distinctive contrast between the soft, curved-shaped bowl and the linear, geometric form of the outside. This concept is also recalled in the freestanding version, whose slightly off-centre bowl in relation to the base rests on a stand that can be completed with a shelf for holding objects or a wooden container. The washbasins and stand are made of Cristalplant® biobased or marble. The Cristalplant® washbasin is available in white or with a light-grey (RAL7044) or dark-grey (RAL7021) exterior.

Length1680 mm
Height563 mm
Depth770 mm
Weight15000 kg
shades of grey
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agape, Italy

Patricia Urquiola