Neb washbasin

Product description

Neb (new bathtub) completes the wide range of bathtubs Agape realised in Cristalplant® biobased. Technological developments in this material over the last few years mean it can be manufactured in extremely thin thicknesses, further enhanced by the smart design of its rim. Installation is made easier both by the reduction in weight and the fact there is no need to create little soakaways in the substrate, thanks to the version with adjustable feet and a block allowing access to the drainage pipe and syphon. This makes the Neb bathtub ideal for simplifying the plant-engineering in restructuring projects on old buildings offering an aesthetically coherent and complete solution thanks to the possibility of pairing with the new Neb washbasin.

Width640 mm
Height170 mm
Depth420 mm
Materialsolid surface
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agape, Italy

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