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Sen, in Japanese, means "line" and absolute linearity is the inspirational force behind this system. Conceived by Gwenael Nicolas a French designer who lives and works in Tokyo, a combination of Eastern spirit and Western technology, Sen embodies the flowing of water itself in its design and adds various other functions, via a series of independent and freely combinable components, providing a new approach to development of the bathroom environment. Innovation also respect the employed material, anodized brushed aluminium in the grey or black finish. The Sen system includes wall-mounted taps, a flexible hand shower, a shower column, surface-mounted taps and floor-mounted spouts. The accessories include holders for small objects in various sizes, a soap dispenser and towel holder. Suitable for use with the bathtub, washbasin or sanitary fittings, Sen stamps its distinctive mark on any space in which it is fitted.

Colorsshades of grey
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agape, Italy

Nicolas Gwenael

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