Alcantara® Interiors Milano 7941

Presented:Orgatec 2010, Cologne
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Product description

The Company is presenting the new
Alcantara ® INTERIORS collection with its flexible, expressive and versatile material. The collection is available in five colour families and different decorations that, when combined, provide an infinite range of sol

The technologies employed range from embossing to embroidery, from printing to pleating. Alcantara ® INTERIORS is a line of sophisticated products, designed to meet the needs of international designers and interior decorators who can use these

materials for stretched or loose upholstery coverings, wall coverings or small furnishings. Whites and blacks alternate in the gorgeous colours of the two eye-poppingly beautiful Prince of Wales or Hound's-tooth (Pied de Poule) prints. Sourced from high

fashion, the stunning embroidery is a combination of tradition and technology, while the rigorous thin-striped embossing resembles striped velvet but does so in a wholly new way, creating an original type of polka-dot pattern. The pleats give Alcantara ®

a three-dimensional and very eye-catching look.
The other colour families are in two different shades of brown, blue, burgundy and acid yellow. These shades also come with other styles such as camouflage, which gives the material an alternating glossy

and matte finish, or with a three-dimensional trimming with small shiny spots on a matt background that evokes sophisticated handmade Indian or Chinese textiles.

Materialmicro fiber / Alcantara
Colorsshades of blue
shades of brown
shades of yellow
shades of red
shades of green

Alcantara S.p.A., Italy

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