0X shower base

Stylepark-ID: 07.1796.00098
Categories: Bath / SanitarySanitary objectsShowersShower bases / trays
Product description

This collection clearly derives from the 013 series, from which it draws its basic features. The shower tray is composed of an upper surface given by removable boards and a basin below it. Unlike the 013, the new 0X Collection is designed to drain outward

s toward the perimeter, housing the glass panels and the lining, alternatively. The frameless perimeter enhances the “motion” of the internal lines, which are no longer parallel but free to converge towards point X, following the apparently random path of

flowing water. What both collections have in common is the geometric rule at the basis of the whole project: the sense of measure.

Colors white

Antonio Lupi, Italy

Nevio Tellatin