Bespoke modular system

Product description

BESPOKE is a modular system, a true collection of cabinets that combine versatility and freedom of composition. This system allows you to choose from a variety of configurations offering an infinite amount of solutions. The line includes, cabinets, sink units, wall and high cabinets that can reach a height of 210 cm to be able to form true wardrobes with the possibility of including drawers.

Compositional freedom
The logic behind Bespoke is based on cabinets combined with doors with an aluminum bronze or titanium profile and 4 mm acid etched glass (in all the antoniolupi colours) or in transparent bronze or fume glass and silvered (mirrored). The structure of the cabinets can be made from all the Antoniolupi wood essences of which will be added Thermo oak, laminated Cenere (dark grey colour) or glossy lacquered, matt lacquered and embossed in all the Antoniolupi colours. The cabinets can be made in the versions with doors or drawers.

Surfaces and cabinets
The surfaces are made from the new revolutionary material created by antoniolupi, Quarzomood or in wood; each material is combined with a specific function. The cabinets and sink units can either be with doors or drawers (not combinable with each other) while the wall and high cabinets only have doors.


Antonio Lupi, Italy

Carlo Colombo