Presented:ISH 2013, Frankfurt
Categories: Bath / SanitarySanitary objectsShowersShower cubicles
Product description

Bilico is a modular shower door program that expands and integrates the systems already featured in the antoniolupi catalogue.
Bilico has been created by eliminating elements rather than creating new shapes. The designer, Nevio Tellatin, says: “My aim

was to clean-up the product as much as possible. The choice of using a pivot (bilico is the Italian word for “pivot” hence the name) as a structural and rotational system, offers maximum cleanliness along the wall and, at the same time, larger door measu

rements than for other systems”.
The Bilico system can be adapted to suit any spatial requirement. It can also be custom mounted thanks to the upper support bar which contains the structural elements for making it more than just a functional furnishin

g object but a regular working tool for the designer. In fact, the upper support bar has been created to permit all the necessary adjustments during installation and, in addition to a number of standard versions, the glass can also be custom-made.

individual tempered glass elements have special anti-limescale protection to facilitate cleaning. Two solutions are available. One with a decentered rotation joint and another with central rotation for large doors. These two “doors” can be combined with

corner or linear fixed glass components. The tailored design that distinguishes most of the antoniolupi products is particularly evident in Bilico which, perhaps more than any other, is a true design element. Although the design concept focused on the cr

eation of a shower door, once the system had been developed, many other potential uses became evident, allowing the possibility for its application in other contexts.

Width800 mm / 900 mm
Height1950 mm / 2200 mm

Antonio Lupi, Italy

Nevio Tellatin