Product description

With the creation of the City bookcase, designed by Carlo Colombo, antoniolupi steps out of the bathroom and moves into the living area. City is a modular bookcase made of crystal and wood; two materials that are traditionally used to create furniture and

shelves, but seldom employed together. Like building blocks, City allows to create endless bookcase configurations, customizing shapes and sizes, depending on the customer’s needs.

This system is made of single elements and an exclusive system of

fittings with invisible joints. This patented system allows for great ease of assembly, without the need for the help of a technician. Its base, made of steel, ensures perfect positioning and balance on any surface. The tempered crystal is 8 mm thick, wh

ile the wooden containers are from the Pantarei collection and have the same sizes and finishes as the pieces used in the this popular bathroom line.

Materialcrystal glass
Colorsshades of blue
shades of yellow
shades of green

Antonio Lupi, Italy

Carlo Colombo