Dune freestanding

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Product description

The project is born from a simple sign, harmonious, without edges, soft, warm and suitable. The name, “Dune”(Dunes), is the call of this natural sign; a bathtub to relax in, an oasis of wellbeing.

This is the formal message of the project. The tub

is developed circularly but the shape of the upper edge (sinusoidal development) and the two off center circles that define the external shell and the seat of the tub gives you altogether a different view depending on the angle of the observer.


ternally, designed with various angles of inclination, permits you to decide which posture to hold. The design approach was not only defined by a functional and aesthetic concept but also by analyzing the existing catalogue in order to identify, from a st

rategic marketing point of view, a "free space" for the correct positioning of the product.

Height540 mm / 645 mm
Diameter1720 mm
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Antonio Lupi, Italy

Mario Ferrarini