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Product description

antoniolupi has decided to supplement and complete the Exelen project, the bathroom furnishing system with compositions that can adapt to satisfy every spatial requirement.

This is an important and prestigious project that covers all the various fu

rnishing typologies present in the bathroom: washbasins, bathtubs and showers, horizontal and vertical cupboards, fire, mirrors and glass, that blend together, overlapping and flanking each other, speaking the shared language of their architectural origin

s and objectives.

A harmonious and balanced project which is also defined in a formal way thanks to the interesting contrast between rigorous and essential lines (typicalof the Buratti brothers’ designs), the soft shapes, the curved connected volum

es, and the sunken or supported elements.

Nearly all the bathroom furnishing collections presented today are based on the concept of “sets of individual objects” that, within the bathroom area, are “brought together”, always remaining slightly “dis

tant”, playing on isolated, autonomous volumes on a lined masonry background. With the Exelen project the elements have been aggregated and supplemented by designing made-to-measure furnishings that integrate with each other. This is the premise on which

the project was created and is being developed.

One of this system’s most innovative solutions is the corner version, a feature that offers a continuous element without the need for additional masonry work or special receptacles. The system is cha

racterized by continuous counter tops, without joints.

Exelen is designed not just for unlimited bathroom ambients but is also suitable for smaller areas, with cupboards placed horizontally or vertically above the bathtub to maximize the space avai


Exelen offers original typologies in terms of the relationships between the various components of the system, the sizes and proportions and the compositions, the result of a new and innovative interpretation of the classic elements of the ba

throom environment.

This project also demonstrates that controlling the scale of the project, understanding and commanding it, also in terms of the industrial design, is a fundamental design objective for us. Similarly important is the control of t

he space and spatiality created. This is a design project born within the space of an architectural project.

The water ambient in the washbasins, bathtubs and showers is “warmed” by the bioethanol fireplace built into the thermoformed Corian tops,

a theme inherited from the antoniolupi tradition.

Designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti say: "With antoniolupi we are proposing a kind of revolution, similar to the one that took place in kitchens forty years ago. We should no longer think of the b

athroom as a series of individual elements but modules that are joined together, intersecting and blending, creating new scenarios and new proportions for the bathroom environment ".

The furniture system is available in two depths

(40 and 54 cm) and heights from 25 to 50 cm.
The receptacles consist of waterproof bilaminated chests (available in three different heights).

External finishings provided by the company:
Natural wood (Natural oak) or a lacquered version (as

per color chart), natural or colored mirrors, retro-varnished glass, resin, slim stone (light marble).

Compositional solutions:
single counter top, overlapping, matching

linear, central/corner, corner

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