Product description

Clean, simple and linear but always evolving to meet needs and new habits related to the care of ourselves. The mirror for antoniolupi is an object in continuous transformation even in its essentiality, a protagonist of the bathroom environment able to meet the concrete needs of those who use it but also to expand space, open new perspectives, enhance the style of furniture through reflections and continuous visual references. To increase the functionality of Vertice, Fila and the Vario mirrors, antoniolupi has developed an intelligent and elegant solution that, thanks to a simple technical device, allows the creation of a moving satellite on the mirror surface to always be positioned just right.

The new round magnifier moves according to the needs of those who use it, moving it to any point of the mirror because closely connected thanks to a magnet inserted into the structure. A simple and intelligent solution that allows it to be useful for different types of users and their specific physical characteristics.

Antonio Lupi, Italy

AL Studio

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