Product description

From that moment onwards, it is instinctively clear that that there are two distinct areas, an “inside” and an “outside” without changes in the characteristics of the surface.

The Frame collection is based on this idea of a basin: no longer a conta

iner, but a space defined by a perimeter. The image that derives is that of a pure, symbolic and even abstract object which/that gives the illusion of water vanishing away.

The frame is the true essence of the product: an object separating what is

“inside” from what is “outside”.

This is further emphasized by the chance to choose items available in various sizes, materials and colours and the opportunity to renovate your bathroom by easily changing it when you need to.

Corian wall mo

unted countertop basin (single or double) – 12.5cm thick, ready to be fitted only with matching interchangeable frames CONO, CILINDRO and ANELLO. Frames are available in white or coloured Corian.

Height80 mm / 12 mm / 14 mm
Diameter450 mm / 480 mm / 500 mm
Installation height1150 mm / 1550 mm / 1750 mm

Antonio Lupi, Italy

Gabriele Rosa