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Product description

antoniolupi’s design and creative energy is fully expressed through the Panta Rei collection, designed by Carlo Colombo. A collection with a really innovative concept and at the top of the range as for the quality and the uniqueness of the employed materi

als as well as for the type of working and the special aesthetic effect. It is a collection that is constantly carried out respecting total quality, one of the Company’s must: during the production, as a matter of fact, antoniolupi directly follows and ch

ecks not only the study and the design of the product, but also the development and the perfect execution of the technical data, that make the difference on the market.

With Panta Rei antoniolupi definitely steers its offer for the bathroom towards

natural and bright materials, towards spheric, sensual and smooth shapes that communicate harmony and balance, a flow of feelings and emotions.

It is a luxury with clean and essential lines consisting of quality and excellence, able to open up a w

orld of cosy and archaic feelings.

Panta Rei pieces of furniture and washbasins are characterised by innovative and design shapes where finishing of containers, being lacquered or made of wood, are suggested with simple lines and details there is a

great demand for.

The thicknesses for pieces of furniture, being aesthetically important, are relieved and raised from the ground by the smoothed skirting board and by the special 45° cut.

shades of brown
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Antonio Lupi, Italy

Carlo Colombo