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Product description

Stone, the natural element par excellence, is a synonymous of the eternity and the greatness of nature. antoniolupi consolidates its project to define a more intimist and more sensory line by means of actual elements that stimulate primary feelings, conne

cted to the real and primitive structures of things like washing oneself in a basin that time naturally excavated in the rock: Pipa washbasin was created.

Pipa is the standing washbasin made of Carrara marble and is designed to stay in the middle o

f the room with standing taps and fittings. It was drawn by Carlo Colombo and is a statuesque monolith with an irregular form. Marble is the element uniting the other new elements too, Blokko and Solidea, this designer has drawn in 2010 for antoniolupi.

Pipa, if you see it frontally, amazes us for its “overturned L” shape that seems it aims at beguiling the force of gravity; on the contrary this washbasin, thanks to the material it is made of, becomes stable and elegantly sophisticated.

Width720 mm
Height850 mm
Depth460 mm
shades of grey

Antonio Lupi, Italy

Carlo Colombo