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Product description

The combination of the production capacity of the brand antoniolupi with the creativity of Domenico de Paolo lies behind the design of the Strappo washbasin. The design innovation doesn't only relate to shapes and finishes, but the same design genesis and to the language borrowed from architecture, of a continuous search for perfect balance between new and pre-existing.

Domenico de Palo’s designer label is unmistakable in this creation, a washbasin that is able to merge with the surface where installed. A washbasin that seems to want to come out from the wall yet at the same time giving it life and shape. De Palo states “I wanted to design a washbasin that seems to tear a strip of the wall, to give life to a new concept of living the bathroom”.

Strappo is entirely made of Corian and once encased in the wall, brushed and plastered, can be finished as the wall where installed. In fact, the result is like a piece torn out from the wall, carving out a niche where the basin sits.

Width830 mm
Height850 mm
Depth480 mm
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Antonio Lupi, Italy

Domenico De Palo

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