Product description

Teatro is a one-of-a-kind wall unit project, representing an innovative solution for the bathroom. It has mirrored doors and can rest against the wall or be built-in and it also has polished edging and an invisible fastening system. The inbuilt solution t

ogether with an invisible fastening system hides the unit, leaving the mirror visible with doors that open with the click-clack system.

Just 14 cm or 22 cm thick makes it possible to be fitted into thin walls where little space is available). The u

nit is equipped with internal shelves.

Length270 mm / 540 mm / 810 mm / 1080 mm
Height500 mm / 500 mm / 500 mm / 500 mm
Depth140 mm / 140 mm / 140 mm / 140 mm
Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage

Antonio Lupi, Italy

AL Studio