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Categories: Bath / SanitarySanitary objectsShowersShower bases / trays
Product description

Sharp, clean lines for the new Zerolux_XL shower tray in Ceramilux. An item designed to satisfy many needs, combining design beauty and advanced technology.

Thin as a sheet of paper is inclined towards the drain. It’s designed to be laid flush with

the floor with no visible edges keeping visual impact to a minimum, but can also be supported”.

The shower tray can be customized. The slope towards the drain is over a length of 81 cm for the Zerolux_XL80 and 91 cm for the Zereolux_XL90. The rema

ining part of the tray has a flat surface.

Width 800 mm / 900 mm / 1000 mm / 1200 mm / 1400 mm / 1600 mm
Height 50 mm
Depth 800 mm / 900 mm
Colors white

Antonio Lupi, Italy

AL Studio