2 Hands 2

Stylepark-ID: 05.1471.00033
Categories: Bath / SanitaryBathroom furnitureLaundry baskets
Product description

Tapered bucket with raised sides. 2HANDS impresses with its extremely minimalist shape and exceptional functionality. It harkens back to the archetypal form of wicker baskets and wooden washtubs, defined with its material but with a totally new spectrum o

f uses: in the garden for wood or leaves, in the house for laundry, toys or as a wash basin. Use it as a planter for potted plants to create an intriguing counterpoint. It is lightweight, flexible, sturdy and stackable in addition to having two integrated

handles that cannot break off or tear. Made of polypropylene.

Height 400 mm
Diameter 470 mm
Functions stackable
Material polypropylene (PP)
Colors white
shades of grey
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of green
shades of blue
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Authentics, Germany

Konstantin Grcic