Product description

As a trolley in the office, for larder supplies and dishtowels in the kitchen, for nappies and hand towels in the bathroom or for toys in the children's room, this award-winning furniture ensures order everywhere. The light-footed GO is made of a sturdy c

hromium frame, three wide and remarkably deep drawers made of solid polypropylene and a dual-divided tray attachment. It can be reached from the front just as well as from the rear. Longlasting and easy to clean, it provides a generous amount of storage i

n a wide range of lively colours. .

Length 530 mm
Width 450 mm
Height 690 mm
Cupboard front finish with drawers
Functions rollable
Material chrome steel
polypropylene (PP)
Colors black
shades of violet
shades of red
shades of green
shades of blue
shades of yellow

Authentics, Germany

Konstantin Grcic