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As part of Fredrikson Stallard’s Glaciarium collection, Avalon is inspired by the innovative and complex production techniques employed by Swarovski, and by the way crystal behaves in its natural state. Its components were developed from scratch, evoking organic qualities, such as the way raw crystal splinters into shards, or how ripples articulate its surface. A further inspiration was the myth of Avalon, the legendary place that has captured the Western imagination for centuries. Its name has long symbolized purity, abundance and magic—a bridge between the earthly and the celestial. Fredrikson Stallard has borrowed the name to express the enchanting and breathtaking beauty of its show-stopping, centerpiece chandelier.
Featuring no fewer than 2,352 crystals, they fall in a sparkling dome-shaped cascade, catching and refracting the light to spectacular effect. This is enhanced by the mounting, which, like a traditional chandelier, is designed so that the crystal components can face different ways. It allows them to shiver and shimmer with a passing breeze or movement, bringing fascinating life to the play of refraction. A striking sense of contrast is then created by the use of gleaming industrial steel to form the housing, which is the finishing touch. Fully dimmable, it comes in two sizes: 1000 × 960mm and 1589 × 960mm.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapespherical segment
Height960 mm
Diameter1000 mm / 1589 mm
Weight70 kg / 120 kg
Materialcrystal glass
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