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Product description

Recessed luminaires Intara CX
Simple. Consistent. Innovative.

Intara CX is a trendsetting lighting tool that facilitates planning. Directional spots, downlights and wallwashers have a modular structure making them easy to specify and enabling them to be quickly installed without needing any tools. The range offers wide options for high-quality light planning and can be flexibly combined with the BARO programme thanks to congruent lighting technology.

The CX principle
Modularity of the recessed luminaire series
Intara CX from BÄRO is a range of intuitively plannable luminaires for recessed fitting. Thanks to an intelligent insertion principle the trim ring, front ring and lens can be quickly assembled without any tools. The clever design ensures that all elements snap into place immediately and can be released just as easily if needed. Based on the defined ceiling cut-out of 132 mm for BÄRO semi-recessed luminaires, the installation ring is suitable for tool-free installation in ceilings with a thickness of 1 to 40 mm. This ensures maximum flexibility as regards fitting locations and means that even thin metal ceilings do not present a problem.

The CX combinations
Flexibility of Intara CX
It is not just the lighting technology of Intara CX that provides ideal prerequisites for an optimal lighting solution; the hardware has also been well conceived and carefully designed right down to the last detail. The front and trim rings are available in different colour combinations or can be painted in any colour. Exchangeable reflector units, plaster set, splash-water protection or emergency light – numerous options are available for Intara CX.

CX Lighting technology
Power ratings and light spectrums
The LED modules of the CX recessed luminaires are available with 4 power ratings and 11 different LED spectrums – 4 standard light colours and 7 special light colours, fine-tuned to the natural colours of all different kinds of applications.

Intara CX

Homogenity on vertical surfaces
The Intara CX wallwasher enables vertical surfaces to be presented with homogeneous light. With its compact dimensions the luminaire itself takes a back seat and uniformly illuminates displays, elevated decorations, large-format motifs or shelves on the rear wall of a store.

Kick reflector, MIRO-SILVER
Pivot angle: ± 175°
Angle of adjustment: ± 15°

Recessed wallwasher with LEDs, rated lamp lifetime of the LEDs L80 / B10 > 50,000 h, chromaticity point tolerance 2 SDCM (initial), 3 SDCM (initial) for SpecialMeat, Fish&Seafood, GoldenBread and Sun, primary reflector and kick reflector 99.99 % pure aluminium in MIRO-Silver, attachment with kick reflector for light cone projection flush with the ceiling, plastic, black, exchangeable reflector unit in high-sheen black plastic with glass cover, pivoted, adjustable, lighting head, black anodised, serves as a cooling element and fitting ring in die-cast aluminium, overlapping or flush with the ceiling, front ring and trim in plastic, clamping springs for ceiling attachment, separate driver unit, camera compatible, protection rating IP 20, protection class III, weight 0.80 kg

Options: Trim ring white
Accessories: Fire protection cover

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapesquare
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BÄRO, Germany

Jens Pattberg

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