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Luminaire series ID
Ontero, Intara, Pendiro

The new ID luminaire series from BÄRO combines high light and product quality with the special range of LED light colours and the demands of attractively designed retail and display lighting which showcases the products. As a flexible system with several power ratings, light distribution patterns and the unique variety of 11 different LED spectrums that is specific to BÄRO, the ID luminaire series offers a lighting solution tailored to every requirement.

ID technology
State of the art
The ID luminaire series represents state-of-the-art technology. The innovative and highly efficient LED lighting technology with a hybrid construction combines the advantages of reflector and lens systems. This combination produces a particularly balanced contrast between the focal point and the corona of the light cone. Furthermore, different reflectors combined with semi-satined cover glass enable the production of clean and soft, yet clearly defined light cones.

ID design
Striking and elegant
The striking, elegant design, cutting edge technology and high light and product quality are the key features of the ID series and ensure that the luminaires are durable and sustainable products. The modular construction, compact dimensions, high-quality feel and interplay of materials make it a pleasure to use and handle the ID luminaires. The systematic structure of the luminaire series, comprising spotlights for mounting on conductor rails, recessed luminaires for ceiling installation and suspended luminaires, enables planners and users to develop extremely flexible and differentiated lighting concepts with a consistent design language.

Pendiro ID
Suspended luminaire

Elegant, simple, high quality With its elegant, simple design, suspension cable in a contrasting colour and asymmetrical shape, the Pendiro ID LED suspended luminaire adds a high-quality design accent to every room.

Delicate suspension cable
Characteristic features include the elegant suspension on two insulated live steel cables with an adjustment mechanism.

Optimal thermal conditions
The housing made of cast aluminium provides optimal thermal conditions for the high-performance LED lighting technology.

3 attachment options
Recessed canopy, surface-mounted canopy, conductor rail canopy

Suspended luminaire with LED, passive cooling, rated lamp lifetime of the LEDs L80 / B10 > 50,000 h, chromaticity point tolerance 3 SDCM (initial), 2 SDCM at 927, 830, 835, 840, BeCool, BeColor, PearlWhite (initial), LED hybrid technology, (reflector-lens combination for NarrowSpot, Medium, OvalBasic), 3D silicone lens to reduce the proportion of scattered light, reflector 99.99% pure aluminium in MIRO-Silver, exchangeable reflector unit in high-sheen black plastic with glass cover, luminaire housing in die-cast aluminium, luminaire colour strato black, silver, white, powder-coated, attachment options: surface-mounted canopy, conductor rail canopy (integrated driver unit) / recessed canopy (separate driver unit), power supply via suspension cable, protection rating IP 20, protection class I / III (depending on attachment type), weight 2.2 kg

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapecylindrical
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BÄRO, Germany

Jens Pattberg

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