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Product description

Upholstery fabric with a small graphic design, inspired from the 70s.

Textures and colours inspired by nature.The beauty and the rich diversity of selected islands of this world are the inspiration for the SAHCO Collection 2017, presenting itself as a great ensemble.

The main aspects are modern, trendy colours and geometric shapes combined with a deliberately simpli- fied design language.The new textiles feature exciting, versatile textures and scintillate with a clear colour palette. Each fabric stands out and shines by itself. Suspense is created by the combination of materials and textures. Course-textured flat woven fabrics harmonise perfectly with classy velvets as well as with fine sheers.The hand-picked selection of fabrics allows for individual design options.

The room as an island; self-contained in its beauty; however: personality, character and individuality only emerge from the interplay of colours, shapes and textures.The SAHCO Collection 2017 creates a lifestyle and is an invitation to travel – with style and relaxed nonchalance.

Width1400 mm


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