Filo Conference

Presented:Orgatec 2008, Cologne
Categories: Office / Contract furnitureTablesConference tables / systems
Product description

Concentrating on what matters
In its striking elegance and lightness Filo is a sophisticated design piece. The message it conveys is that of concentration, communication and intelligent integration of media technology. The Filo Table owes its lightness to the distinct shape of its legs. These each have four arms spread wide like ""antlers"", which support the table top and give it its stability.

However, Filo is more than just a table. It is an innovative and appealing table collection ideal for meetings and conferences. Its modular construction means that any number of tables can be fitted together, enabling it to be adapted to the individual requirements of any room.

No distractions
Smooth surfaces, concealed technology. The table top is clear; the sophisticated technology is concealed.

The Filo Duo. A classic in the making
The Filo Chair is the essential counterpart to the Filo Table. An innovative product that provides exceptional comfort through its flexibility, continually adapting to the user’s each and every movement.

Aesthetic stability
Elegance and design quality revealed. The polished die-cast aluminium ""antlers"" provide outstanding stability whilst being visually distinctive.

Table top shaperectangle with rounded corners
shades of grey
shades of brown
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