PARCS Causeway

Product description

A furniture programme consisting of benches, fence modules, walls and cupboards. Flexibly combinable.Vertical modules provide a screen for work that requires concentration. Adding shelves and books creates a library. The different heights encourage users to assume one of three different positions: sitting, standing or leaning. Causeways enable ergonomic freedom. All Causeway elements can be flexibly combined and facilitate a high number of design options.

Today’s modern workplace setting is characterised by multi-functional, unstructured office layouts with open spaces that encourage dialogue and teamwork. That hasn’t always been the case. Aloof colour schemes and angular forms were typical for offices in the 1980s and 90s, right up to October 2009 when Bene launched its comprehensive PARCS range, breaking up the severity of traditional office for the first time. New colours, soft materials and innovative forms produced lively, fresh office landscapes that encouraged a new style of interaction. Communication and creativity, collaborating and exchanging ideas became key elements of the modern way of working, and improved the productivity of every organisation.

PARCS – its name derived from the concept of a “park” – was the result of a two-year research project on “New ways of working”, and was developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd. It promises multifunctional layouts that define different spaces and encourage communication in the office.

With the introduction of PARCS, Bene made office layouts more open and more versatile. Rather like a park in a big city, PARCS creates collective zones between workstations in the office, linking and inviting employees to get together. Since the initial launch of PARCS in October 2009, Bene has used it for countless office designs throughout the world – including recent projects for Air Liquid Research, Livit AG, L'Oréal and Multi Media Marketing. PARCS added a new dimension to office interiors: places for relaxation, inspiration and exchange of ideas are seen as essential today.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Backrest finishwithout backrest
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