RF Corridor Wall

Product description

Transparency is an essential principle in creating efficient office space. Glazed partitioning systems ensure speedy face-to-face communication, customised organisation of space and enhanced productivity. Architectural trends have heavily influenced office furnishing design for many years. The new partitioning system has been developed in response to requests formulated by many architects, who opt for all-glass surfaces in a consistent design, even for wall products. By avoiding profiles to the extent possible, Bene RF allows continuity of style and a consistent look throughout, from the building shell to the office design. Beyond that, the office wall system meets all technical requirements.

Innovative engineering and consistent design

While extensive glass façades are considered standard architecture, smart solutions for interiors are still a rare phenomenon. RF system now includes a glazed corridor wall that follows a consistent horizontal design principle. By bonding glass elements so as to form a consistently transparent glazed surface the product assumes a clear, harmonious look. An innovative system of bonding behind the glass surface breaks the tradition of employing visible frameworks that surrounded or glued glass elements together till now: RF’s loadbearing function is performed by an aluminium pilaster – its characteristic design feature.

Perfection down to details

Thanks to a patented height levelling system, the all-glass wall extends up to ceilings of 3500 mm in height and easily absorbs building tolerances and structural movements. Elements are arranged in building-specific modules which allow reversible organisation of doors and glass panels. Again, Bene demonstrates its love of detail: The doors are available in hinged or sliding versions and may come with either clerestory ceiling panels or in floor-to-ceiling height. The system is available with single or double glazing, with joints either in light-grey or black as required. The double-glazed model of the RF partitioning system achieves excellent acoustic insulation of up to 49 dB.


Bene, Austria

Johannes Scherr

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