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Product description

STUDIO – a workplace system for those who work, sleep and breathe design. With its minimalist design and smart functionality, the modular workplace system allows you to create a work environment to fit your personal and professional needs. Tables, shelves, sideboards and accessories come together in a flexible arrangement that refines your individual work- and lifestyle. Its modular system allows for intelligent integration into all office areas, while also promoting individual work processes.

Organise your workplace with STUDIO accessories to fit your personal workstyle and evolve your workflow. Whether at reach in the organisation dock, on the top side of the desk, or temporarily stored in the Double Top, or on the sideboard; essential office tools are in just the right spot. The tools we use and how we work becomes part of the office style. The Studio accessories series is available in oak or ceramic, and can also be structured powder coated in black or copper. A personal design statement right on your desk.

Focussing on the essentials in an environment tailored to individual needs is vital for a healthy workflow. This is why STUDIO accessories offer a wide range of functions in different forms and colours. Add what you need for your personal organisation: toolbox, utensil tray and book ends help keep your essentials close at hand. The STUDIO Plugbox offers easy access to power, networks and media technology. Magnet boards and panels function as partitions and create space for personal notes.

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Thomas Feichtner