K.1 Tuner

Presented:Light + Building 2010, Frankfurt
Categories: Entertainment electronicsAudioTuners
Product description

The ‘Radio Touch’ name describes just what it does, as it is operated simply and intuitively by means of the capacitive, sensory touch screen to tune into and select the desired channel. Even with their compact size, the Berker flush-mounted radios have a

ll the important functions of conventional devices, including automatic radio station searches, time and date display, storage of channel fre¬quen¬cies and sleep mode. Even when there are power cuts, all the settings remain saved. End users have the choi

ce between the FM version, and the FM/IP version that is able to receive over 4,000 radio channels through the Internet. Installation of the FM/IP version is easy, as the connection to the network/Internet takes place by WLAN. Both flush-mounted radios a

re supplied as a radio module and a loudspeaker. Berker also offers a second loudspeaker, a docking station for iPods and iPhones and a new series of multimedia sockets – for connecting MP3 players, for example – as accessories.

Assembly modeconcealed mounted
Frame shaperectangular
shades of grey
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Berker, Germany