K.1 USB charging socket

K.1 USB charging socket
Product description

The advantages are clear: the charger socket fits perfectly among the standard electrical installations and has an extremely low standby consumption. Users no longer have to rely on PCs or notebooks for recharging their mobile phones, MP3 players or navig

ation devices.
The USB charger socket has genuine added value for mobile phones and the like. When all mobile phones are equipped with a universal micro-USB connection - something which has been realized by the manufacturers since spring 2010 - a sing

le cable is all you need for recharging many different devices and models. The new USB charger socket presents an important extension to the field of electrical installations, as more and more mobile devices are supplied without any 230 volt plugs.


Assembly modeconcealed mounted
Frame shaperectangular
shades of grey
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Berker, Germany