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Product description

With the new Berker TS Sensor you can experience a whole new world of switching. A gentle press of the finger on its glass surface is all it takes to operate lights, blinds, shutters and much more. Sensor-controlled switching becomes a haptic experience p

ar excellence. Unlike other switch elements, the Berker TS Sensor has been reduced to a surface that is practically flush with the wall, unbroken by any relief, raised areas or moving parts. As a result, the switch is always impressive for its puristic ap

pearance – a true visual highlight.

Its reduction to the essential means that it can be integrated effortlessly into refined residential and building designs.

In the Basic variant the Berker TS Sensor is kept just as it is: imm

aculate and without labelling. In the Customized variant it is possible to choose from a set of predefined symbols and labelling to create the desired combination. In the Manufacture variant it is even possible to create a completely free, individual desi

gn, including colours, fonts and symbols.

Frame shape rectangular
Material glass (unspecified)
Colors black
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Berker, Germany

Tom Schlotfeldt