TS Sensor RTR

Product description

Berker TS Sensor with room thermostat.With its extremely flat shape, a minimalised surface design and operation at a light touch, the Berker TS Sensor proves that less is more in design. This ‘switch', which has won design awards, makes touch switching an

extraordinary tactile experience. When it is switched off, nothing distinguishes the new Berker TS Sensor with room thermostat from the ‘normal' TS Sensor. However, both the inside workings and the smooth surface of the new product offer more functions a

nd more possibilities.The expanded Berker TS Sensor with RTR can be used to control additional room-based KNX/EIB functions such as heating, air conditioning or ventilation. The new version boasts a built-in bus coupling unit - additional push-button inte

rfaces are not required. In addition, a temperature sensor is integrated, making the device into a thermostat with the TS Sensor design.
The simple display shows the time, outdoor temperature and/or room temperature. Icons symbolise all the operable fu

nctions. The ‘dark design' display surface - with semi-transparent printing and symbols - renders inactive symbols invisible. The regulator is operated using the ‘display sensory surfaces' to the left and right.
‘It was important to us to create a room

operating device in the successful TS Sensor design, because this way we have achieved design uniformity in one room,' explains Harald Börsch, Head of Marketing at Berker. Because it has been reduced to essentials, the new Berker TS Sensor can easily be

integrated into sophisticated interior and home design environments. It combines the touch sensor and RTR technologies, and has display elements that increase convenience. The Berker TS Sensor unites a minimalist appearance with luxurious convenience and


Assembly modesurface mounted
Frame shaperectangular
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Berker, Germany