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Categories: Bath / Sanitary Sanitary objectsBath tubsFree standing bath tubs
Product description

The bath with a 28 cm rim offers plenty of installation options in modern bathroom architecture, whether placed stylishly on a plinth, combined with exclusive wood panelling or in an individual design with the optional tile and plaster base.

The BETTEHIGHLINE TILE AND PLASTER BASE is an alternative to wood panelling that offers the option of individual bathroom design. Whether plastered or tiled, installation with the BETTEHIGHLINE TILE AND PLASTER BASE is easy – corner, wall or free standing.

Length 1800 mm / 1900 mm
Width 800 mm / 900 mm
Depth 400 mm / 450 mm
Material steel
Colors white
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for BETTEHIGHLINE with tile and plaster base

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by Bette

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