BETTELUX OVAL COUTURE Free-standing bath

Presented: Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan
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Product description

Titanium-steel and upholstered fabric for bath and washbasin: BetteLux Oval Couture

A high quality of life and stay is becoming increasingly important in the bathroom. Bette has developed a free-standing bath and floor-standing washbasin in glazed titanium-steel in BetteLux Oval Couture, which are covered and upholstered in a woven fabric just like a cosy sofa. Four colour options and a high level of functionality bring sensuousness and comfort into the bathroom.      

BetteLux Oval Couture

New living room comfort in the bathroom  

Last year, Bette created a tremendous desire in consumers for its surprising design concept that combines glazed steel and homely fabric. The concept has now become a marketable collection in BetteLux Oval Couture. The upholstered, fabric-covered ensemble of bath and washbasin transports home comfort and sensuousness into the bathroom in a way that has never been seen before  

Everyone is familiar with the warm, homely comfort of fabrics and upholstery from their own living or bedrooms. Although today's bathrooms delight with high design standards, most usually radiate a rather cool, functional elegance. Designer Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam) and steel/enamel specialist Bette decided to try something absolutely new to bring the sensuous quality of upholstered textiles into the bathroom: Fabric upholstery provides an extremely tactile experience, since it pleases the hand and delights with the texture, which literally makes bathroom products tangible.  

High quality of stay in private and hotel bathrooms

With BetteLux Oval Couture, the free-standing oval bath body (185 x 85 cm) and free-standing circular washbasin (ø 55 cm) are entirely classic in high quality glazed titanium-steel, a material combination that has proven itself many times over as highly robust and easy-care. Bette has come up with an extremely pleasing aesthetic solution for the transition from fabric to steel, since the narrow overlapping slim rim of the bath and washbasin body nestles closely against the textile aprons. The aprons are upholstered by the Bielefelder Werkstätten, covered in a woven functional fabric by fabric specialist JAB Anstoetz and bound to a strong stainless steel frame for a waterproof finish. In looks and feel, BetteLux Oval Couture is absolutely on a par with a comfortable sofa, and radiates an equally relaxed atmosphere.  

What also contributes to the high quality of stay in the bathroom is that the upholstery effectively "swallows" noise, so the room acoustics are generally improved. This means the ensemble is not only of interest for private homes, but is also an excellent solution in open bed/bathroom areas in hotel projects where comfort, quality and exceptional design are the prime considerations.      

Opening up the bathroom to new style worlds

Bath and washbasin are available in the colours Ivory (beige), Moss (green), Carbon (anthracite) and Elephant (grey marl). The colours of the steel/enamel and fabric can be perfectly matched to each other as desired. The functional fabric itself is highly resilient, easy-care and resistant to water, mould and weather. It has been well-proven in use for outdoor furniture.  What is practical is that the Delbrück-based company has opted for a round 30-mm shadow joint on the underside of the bath, which means it is extremely easy to clean under.  

Bette wishes to remove the primarily functional character from the bathroom with BetteLux Oval Couture. The collection is part of the company's strategy of using highly structural solutions and innovative material utilisation, or an iconic design language, to open up the interior architecture of the bathroom for new style worlds.

Length 1850 mm
Width 850 mm
Depth 450 mm
Material steel
Colors shades of beige
shades of grey
shades of green
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