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Shells that shimmer like mother-of-pearl, shiny gold insect carapaces or the glowing colours of autumn leaves – iridescent colours are found everywhere in nature. "Forest", Bette's new colour, wants to bring some of this shimmering blaze of colour into the bathroom.

Bette bathroom products in the new colour "Forest" never fail to attract admiring glances, because depending on the way the light falls, they shimmer mysteriously in shades from green and brown to violet. This gives the glazed titanium steel from which the bathroom specialist manufactures its baths, washbasins and shower areas a charming optical depth that makes it look almost alive.

"There is currently a trend for iridescent surfaces, which are found everywhere today – for instance, in high-gloss car lacquers, eye shadows, fabrics and jewellery. With Forest, we are able to bring this play with colour into the bathroom. The new colour makes the bathroom products both understated and exciting," explains Sven Rensinghoff, marketing director at Bette.

The free-standing bath BetteLux Shape, for instance, is ideal for Forest's play of colour. Powder-coated steel forms a supporting open frame that the glazed titanium steel bath is placed inside. This means that both the interior of the bath is visible as well as the pure, glazed exterior. Shimmering Forest flatters the flowing form of the bath, and the whole ensemble is given a sculptural character that changes depending on the angle and the way the light falls.

As the new colour is fired on in a special version of Bette's wet-in-wet process, the user will also be able to enjoy all the benefits that durable glazed titanium steel has to offer: elegance, strength, hygiene, easy-care, scratch and UV resistance.

In addition to Forest, Bette naturally also offers a broad range of other standard colours as well as 22 matt options. This gives bathroom designers the freedom to choose the Bette bath, washbasin or shower area to suit all the current trends in tiles, natural stone and wooden floor.

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