Presented: Euroluce 2015, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 04.5957.00037
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

73 explores a technique whereby glass is blown into extremely heat-resistant ceramic fabric. The process begins by sewing a loose fabric vessel and blowing hot glass inside, granting the glass a formal and textural expression that becomes permanent as it cools.

Forced air pressure creates the final form, while the temporary fabric shell provides both a shape and a texture counterintuitive to glass,evoking a formal language we intuitively associate with fabric. A flat LED lamp is positioned to fill the resulting volume with diffuse light, accentuating the perceptual dimensions of the piece.

By virtue of the loosely-controlled manufacturing process, each 73 is completely unique in proportion, size and shape. 73s are intended to nestle together in groups, creating increasingly more complex compositions with each added form.

Material glass-ceramics
Colors white
gold / brass

Bocci, Germany

Omer Arbel

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