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Freedom of design and organization bulthaup’s new system of interior elements fulfills every desire – it adapts to each kitchen owner’s unique needs, and can be reworked or expanded at any time. Organizing pull-outs is easy, fun and creative. Functional prisms are at the heart of the new interior elements – they form the basic structure, and can be integrated into all pull-outs. Special dividers fit perfectly into the prisms, making it possible to define the exact size of spaces in line with requirements. The accessories, such as utensil inserts, boxes, knife blocks, trays and jars for seasonings and spices, are also designed to slot into the prism structure. 

There is a place for every utensil. And because users have the flexibility to slide and rearrange the dividers and accessories whenever they wish, they can make the best possible use of space in their pull-outs. bulthaup’s new system of interior elements is simple yet versatile. The ergonomic design of the prisms ensures items are easy to access. And the sliding nature of the dividers and accessories adds a playful touch. The prism structure provides a seamless, attractive look, almost like a collage – no matter how the dividers and accessories are arranged. In fact, tidying away, rearranging and redesigning the pull-outs may become a new passion – anything is possible.

Cupboard front finish sliding front
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