La Facciata, New Opera House Oslo

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Product description

After an international tender competition, the italian marble, La Facciata, was chosen for the "carpet" surrounding the New Opera House in Oslo, Norway. This is a stone which, in common with other marbles, retains its brilliance and colour even when wet.

It has the necessary technical quality in terms of stabitity, density, and longevity. The producer, Campolonghi, has had the professional ability, capacity, and experience necessary for such a large and complex project. The accessibble area of the ‘carpe

t' is approx. 18,000 m2. Its detailed design has been important: the architect desired that it should not interfere with the general dorm of the building but that it simultaneously was articulated enough to be ineresting at close quarters. Together with a

rtists several alternatives were proposed before a particular non repetitive pattern with integrated riased areas, special cuts, various surface textures, and specific details were designed to articulate he main geometry.

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trong> New Opera House Oslo, Norway
Architect: Snøhetta

Photos © Snohetta, Nina Reistad, Statsbygg, Erik Berg & Nicolas Buisson

Campolonghi, Italy