Product description

Sistema is a family of modular elements 4 cm thick; the sides come in various heights and are 30 cm and 45 cm deep and with the bases, tops and shelves can create containers suitable for any situation and of the most varied types. The compositions can be equipped with hinged or fall-front wooden doors 2 cm thick or sliding doors 4 cm thick. All elements can be lacquered either in the matte or glossy colors of the Cappellini collection or they can be made of wood. The uprights, shelves and backs can also be finished with desert-colored melamine. The Sistema can also include wall paneling, shelves, platforms and benches with metal bases of various sizes and thicknesses or freestanding containers with drawers or doors. Handles can be chrome-plated metal or lacquered in the various colors of the Collection or recessed only in the wooden versions.


Cappellini, Italy

Studio Cappellini