Eco Syn 280003

Presented:Orgatec 2008, Cologne
Categories: Floors CarpetsWall to wall carpeting
Product description

Eco is the epitome of top-quality flat-woven carpets. The particularly reduced form, in comparison to jacquard, originates in the weaving process. Whereas in loop fabric, the pile fabric is woven over pile wires so that the loop is retained, flat woven fa

bric is produced without pile wires with weft yarns woven under the knops. The technology makes the weave visible, immediately revealing the craftsmanship. Top-quality Antron Legacy carpet fibres with outstanding performance characteristics are used as pi

le fabric.

The new Eco collections have a sensitive charm thanks to their surprising structure based on a new kind of construction. The selection of excellent yarns with three-dimensional effects results in dynamic surfaces. Available in subtle designs

, the Eco collections reveal their effect over an expanse. The result is exceptional flooring reminiscent of precious craftsmanship which astounds in its minimal use of material.

Method of manufacturing: woven
Upper side structure: rep

ry form: approx. 400 cm
Top layer material: 100% PA, Antron Legacy
Backing finishing: textile back
Colours: 8

Materialpolymide / nylon (PA)
Colorsshades of blue
shades of violet
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Carpet Concept, Germany

Claudia de Bruyn

Achim Nagel