Presented:Orgatec 2014, Cologne
Categories: Floors CarpetsWall to wall carpeting
Product description

When designing the new Hem collection, Ben van Berkel/UNStudio drew their inspirations from the lively structures of natural and urban landscapes. The collection is based on non-directional patterns of coloured dots, which appear to result in ever new graphical images and are perceived in various ways when viewed from different angles and distances. Ben van Berkel: ’Part of the inspiration for the designs and the patterns was to give them more complexity through the use of different colours and the directionality of active movement. This creates a spatial layering quality which is quite unusual in a two dimensional surface, but is something that can often be found in our work.’

Numerous shades serve as a basis for the composition and highlighting of 34 colour variations. With this wide variety, the pixel-like patterns invite to create various combinations – to design one’s own unique landscapes. On top of this, Hem combines the playful lightness of varying patterns with an extremely hard-wearing and durable woven carpet. The pleasant feel and high quality of the 2-frame woven material adds a lively as well as homely feel to building interiors such as offices and hotels or private homes. The exceptional design of Hem was already awarded with the Iconic Award 2014 and is currently nominated for the german design award 2015.


Carpet Concept, Germany

Ben van Berkel