Lux Design 201506/52665

Lux Design 201506/52665
Presented:Orgatec 2008, Cologne
Categories: Floors CarpetsWall to wall carpeting
Product description

Lux Design: Natural Elegance
Lux Design reinterprets cut-pile carpeting with an innovative weaving technique using a three-dimensional effect. The elegant collection focuses on fife patterns which organically flow into one another to form the perfect b

ase for a top-quality and individual interior. The artistic principle contrasts positive and negative by using shaded areas. The varying lift in the weaving creates three-dimensional effects in the shaded areas. A double lift strengthens the density of th

e pile thus giving a more intense effect. Lux Design is available in six colors, each in a dark and light version.

Method of manufacturing: woven, 2-frame
Upper side structure: cut pile, figured
Delivery form: approx. 200 cm
Top layer mate

rial: 100% PA
Backing finishing: fray-proof finishing
Colours: 6
Designs: 10

Materialpolymide / nylon (PA)
Colorsshades of grey
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Carpet Concept, Germany

Carsten Gollnick

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